Sunday, January 23, 2022

Your Trial Period has Expired!

" Your Trial Period has Expired!"

This is a depressing message especially when you still haven't achieved what you wanted to do in the trial setup.

Most of the software today provide a fixed trial period. You my try it during the duration and then purchase it to continue beyond the trial period.

But what happens when you need to extend the trial? Well some do provide a small extension but you need to provide your credit card details which means there is a risk of billing if you forget to turn off the trial before the billing cycle starts.

You may be surprised to know that In most of the cases, you can just request and the people managing it may simply accept your request - just for free without needing any payment details.

I have had multiple experience with Microsoft product Dynamics365. They first provide a 30 days trial and then an extension if you provide your credit card info. But you may just try contacting the customer care and request them to extend without any credit card/payment info. Most of the times they just do it.

I had another experience with ScreenMeet which is an extension for D365 CSW. The agent was happy to extend my trial without needing much explanation itself.

So, before giving up, please try to contact the company and check if they could extend the trial period just for you.

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